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The sky..

It’s fascinating how the sky can show countless varieties of formations of stars and amazing colors.



What an amazing time of year, Families are together, people are jolly and friendly, it’s a shame this doesn’t happen all year round. Hopefully there will not be as much conflict and wars next year! Image

Freshly Pressed: Editors’ Picks for November, Part II


The Blog

On Tuesday’s Freshly Pressed roundup, we highlighted posts published last month that resonated with us — and the rest of the community. Below, we’ve shared more picks that generated lively discussions, made us think, and even made us smile.

Dear Lady in the SUV

That’s how you made us feel: Like we were that kid, and finally someone wanted to be on our team. It was the first time someone looked close enough to ignore that we were gay, and instead, saw the love we shared between us. Better yet, I don’t think you “ignored” that we were gay. If you smiled, I think it actually made you happy.

Coffee Bean GleanThe author at Coffee Bean Glean talks about holding hands with her partner in public, and the hurtful glares they’ve received as a gay couple. Here, in this open letter, she thanks a lady in an SUV who…

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